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About Townhouse #4
for our new & potential homeowners

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From the pictured aerial view you can see our 31 single and 2-story townhouses built on two streets (Oakhill and Oaktree Lanes), separated by a wider green space - all looking out on the 4th fairway of the Summerfield golf course.  We have six groupings of two and three-bedroom units with common walls, separated by narrow commonly-maintained green spaces. Each homeowner owns the property on which their home was built, which was in 1978.

There are five townhouse associations in Summerfield, and each have a self-governing association with elected officers/board members who are residents. We are all under the umbrella of the Summerfield Civic Association and those CC&Rs and governing documents. 



Seven townhouse styles identify Townhouse Association #4: Fontaine 1910 sq. feet, Winston 1700 sq. feet, Manchester 1974 sq. feet, Montclair 1280 sq. feet, Newport 1340 sq. feet, Monterey 1356 sq. feet, and Deville 1365 sq. feet. 


Townhouse Association #4 is up to date on all maintenance projects. New roofs were put on all units in 2008 and should last about twenty years. New gutters were placed on each of the units in 2009 and should last approximately thirty years. Complete painting of all units was finished in 2011 and in Sept. 2019,  touch-up painting & caulking as needed was done to extend paint life until about 2023-2025.  A major irrigation upgrade in commonly-maintained areas was completed in February 2016, and we had any needed vinyl siding sections completely repaired or replaced in Fall 2017-Spring 2018.  


Officers and Board meetings   

Townhouse Association #4 has five resident board members alternately elected at our June Annual Meeting.  The Vice President serves as our Architectural Chairperson. We also have a Secretary, Treasurer and Landscape Chairperson on our Board. Meetings for 2024 are scheduled as follows and will be held in the Clubhouse Card Room, with one exception as noted: January 10 at 3:00pm, April 10 at 5:00pm, May 8 at 5:00pm, June 12 (Annual Meeting in Lakeview Room) at 4:30pm, June 19 at 5:00pm, October 9 at 5:00pm.  

Our officers are capable elected volunteers who administer on behalf of the Townhouse owners.  The Townhouse #4 Board oversees maintenance and landscape projects involving all 31 townhouse units through monthly assessments which may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. These monies are used to provide outside building maintenance, landscape and water service for the common areas and basic cable service provided by contract with Comcast.  We also maintain reserves for such things as future roof, painting and gutter replacement out of the monthly assessments, which are in addition to the yearly assessment by the Summerfield Civic Association.

Learn more about our board members here

Landscape and Architectural   

Rain or Shine Landscape Maintenance provides our townhouse association with:

  • landscape maintenance service for our front, back and commonly- maintained lawn areas.

  • shrub trimming twice a year.

  • fall leaf blowing and collection once a week.

  • tree trimming up to 20’, due to liability insurance (trees on your property belong to you, so it’s your responsibility for other care as needed).

  • vinyl siding and roof moss control once a year.

  • gutter cleaning twice a year; available at other times for emergencies.(However, you must check your lower downspout screens on a regular basis to keep debris emptied; these fill up quickly and often.)


Patios, courtyard areas, street-side watering and replacement of plants are among the items not included in the landscape contract. 

Before any resident makes changes to the outside architecture or landscape, they must get prior written permission by submitting an SCA Architectural/ Landscape Change Request Form to the appropriate townhouse #4 chairperson, requiring detailed design depicting requested change.  The form will be reviewed by that Architecture/Landscape chairperson, who will determine if neighbors’ signatures are required (we place emphasis on not blocking the golf course view).  This form will then be ready for the SCA Architectural/Landscape Committee for their approval.  If a landscape change is minor and does not include a plant which will grow higher than 3’ on the berm, the Townhouse #4 Landscape form (under "Forms" on this website) will be sufficient.

Summerfield Membership


Members of Townhouse Association #4 enjoy the Summerfield Clubhouse and the events provided in its walls, such as exercise facilities, games of all types, social clubs, library, residents' artwork, a full kitchen with which to entertain guests and give large parties, a ballroom,  fashionable living room and  meeting rooms.  The main office of the Summerfield Civic Association is located in this facility and is open from 8:00 a.m. to noon weekdays.


As social members of the Summerfield Civic Association, residents may also use the Summerfield tennis/pickle ball courts and swimming pool; and for an additional fee, our 9-hole executive golf course.  The nine-hole golf course is 2,475 yards with par 33 and is private but open to the public.

Summerfield is served by the City of Tigard and enjoys all city services such as police protection, water, sewage disposal, utilities and street maintenance. Garbage service is provided by Pride Disposal Service. 

Summerfield is close to Meridian Park Hospital, King City and Tigard Shopping Plazas, the Tualatin Valley Professional Center and the Broadway Rose Theatre.  Townhouse Association #4 shares Tigard’s city motto being ‘A Great Place to Live.’


Thanks to our resident historian, Dr. Barbara Peterson, for her contribution to this page.

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